THE IMPREGNATED SUBCONSCIOUS “Nuff Knocks to Me Mind So Ease De Stress” EXCERPT, from my next book to be published in March 2018. L E FRANKLIN B F A Hons.


− “In most cases when people talk about others they are talking

about themselves.” Unknown

− “If you do the same things over and over you will get the same

results.” Unknown

− “Man to man so unjust, yo don’t know who to trust. Yo best

friend can be yo worst enemy an yo worst enemy can be yo best

friend.” Hon Bob Marley

− “It takes a village to raise a child.” An African perspective

On returning to the place of my birth after forty years, I visited

a small village on the East Coast of Demerara in Guyana. It is also

the birthplace of a friend and we had been pen-pals for some time.

The area is small, beautiful, and quiet except for the noise created

by the traffic on the newly constructed public road. Also it’s about

two miles from where we lived years ago. It is like any other village

where my father worked as a public health inspector when he was


Travelling along the road to her home, it seemed long. Guess it

was the length of time staying away from Guyana. The visual reference

didn’t make sense and it was late at night. The changes were

also due to more houses built along the way. The distance between

places looked unknown and further away. There was a loss of my

direction and placement of what was remembered from the past.

Finally, refused to know where we were and just sat back and enjoyed

the ride. Arrived tired and had an early night in bed, which

was not a practice, living in Canada for years.

The next day, got up early, took a walk around the village, and

realized I was a stranger in my own land. While walking, saw houses

built on both sides of the main road facing each other that occupied

large portions of land. Some parcel of land was handed down

through inheritance from past families or bought by people who

moved in the community. The homes are constructed on the north

and south sides with the main road moving between the homes and

traversing from west to east. Those houses on the north side have

the Atlantic Ocean as their background with lovely blue skies, cool

breeze, and farmlands.

The houses on the south side occupy land travelling beyond

what the eyes can see. Beside the houses, the land is used for farming

and carries a variety of different fruit trees. The homes stretch

out not in a linear fashion but occupy their own space. They are

created in their styles and sizes as seen fit by the owners or builders.

The houses aren’t only separated by the main road but are accompanied

by waterways (trenches) meandering in the same direction

beside the road on both sides, which also divide the village.

Wider waterways were also created for irrigating the rice lands,

starting from the Atlantic Ocean north and continuing inward

south. This intake of water makes its way south and is placed in

strategic locations in various sections cutting across the land. Koker

structures control the flow of the water inland during high and low

tide during (rain or low tide) different times of the seasons.

The vast land also attracts different species of birds, flowers, insects,

and small plants, which support its natural habitat. The rich

ecosystem of the South American climate enhances the area with

lush green vegetation accompanied by picturesque sunsets for nature

lovers. Unlike North America, one can enjoy the quietness and

the sunset which changes colour. The beautiful moon in the sky

at night, which is not always seen in North America, must not be

forgotten. It is a treat to observe before retiring to bed early and rising

early in the mornings. Most villagers retire to bed early because

of limited electric light in the homes and along the main road. At

night, if there is a heavy rainfall there is an interlude of music to

be heard from raindrops (heavy and light) on the galvanized roof

of homes. The sounds of insects venturing out at night time can be

heard. Lastly at night time, after a rainfall one has to know where

and how to walk without the help of light and not walking in a pool

of water.

Surprisingly, after a week, remembered much of my past living

in the rural areas when it came to being aware of the surrounds, especially

at night. Sounds heard from the past returned and became

curious of the new ones encountered, for the first time. One day,

while sitting in the backyard alone, became attracted to a peculiar

and repeated sound. I had to investigate where it was coming from

and who was making it. To my surprise a bird was making the

sounds. The bird was a Kiskadee (yellow), a Guyana national. It had

captured a worm in its beak and was striking it against a tree trunk.

The bird was killing the worm for a meal. It was a surprise because

I never knew the bird had to kill before eating.

Some of the other things, that was not surprised to see again

were different fruit, drinks, and food, not eaten for some time, and

I enjoyed relaxing ventures. But some things took me no time to get

reacquainted with:

− Wood ants invading the house. They construct enclosed

walkways on the wall, preventing them from being seen as

they move around.

− Small ants that enter sugar jars (if left open) and take every

grain away. They also get into the butter, get stuck, and it

cannot be used again. For that matter, all foods had to be

secured (day and night) properly from the uninvited crawlers

looking for food.

− Seeing my friend’s daughter climb a coconut tree to pick

nuts for me to drink.

− Returning home after dark and having to use a flashlight to

aid in seeing the way home.

− Lighting an oil lamp for use in the home at night. Also leaving

the lamp lit all night with limited amount of brightness

for emergency.

− Taking a shower at night and early mornings by using water

in a bucket and a pan to throw the water on the body.

During the day you can see what you are doing but at night

you have to feel for what you want (soap, pan to get water,

and the bucket of water) in the dark.

− Seeing frogs (large or small) jumping around the house or

in the yard at night. The small cold-water frogs love to stay

in the cold bathroom and jump at the sight of light and any

movement of shadow. They caught me by surprise having

a bath one night by jumping on me. The small frogs also

love to be in water jars and wherever they hang out they

stay close together. One who is not accustomed to the small

frogs can enter the bath and see a set of shining eyes on a

beam and never have a bath.

− Dark red wasps called marabunta which build nests on

houses (inside or outside) in an upside-down cone shape.

They rest on the cone upside down (backs to the ground

and feet on the cone shape). They have a habit of flying

around in the house and out the windows. When flying

they suddenly move in and strike. Their stinger is left stuck

in the flesh of the person. They seem to reach for one’s eyes.

I tried to keep away from them but one night while walking

in the house, I saw one and was on my guard but got

slightly bitten. Had I not seen it, its sting would have been

harmful. A sting that is unforgotten.

− Seeing the house being swept with a broom made from the

leaf of the coconut tree. It really does the job of getting unwanted

dust from the house.

− Washing clothes by hand and placing them on a line outside

in the sun to dry. One has to be on the lookout for a

change of the weather (rain) and remove the clothes before

they get soaked.

− Using the outside toilet mostly during the day and not at

nights. An act one has to master and remember how to use

it in comfort.

− Large bucket of fresh cow milk bought every Tuesday and

the different ways it was used after it was boiled.

− Rearing chickens in the yard. Feeding them and watching

them eat by pecking action. Also hearing them making

noise all day and night. Protection had to be built around

them so dogs or wild animals will not get into the cage to

eat them.

− Preparing food the old way by cooking with a coal-pot and

coals. It is a job that has to be seen. As early as 5 a.m. meals

are prepared to beat the heat, which takes over on a sunny


− The amount of food served on a plate for each meal I was

not accustomed to and couldn’t consume in one sitting.

− Lastly the insects that fly around by day like bees, sand flies

one does not see but feels them when bitten, spiders, flies,

lizards, mice, and roaches. The night invaders like mosquitos,

which seem not to be around when it rains. Cannot

leave out rats, snakes, and ticks, which get into one’s skin

and get fat by sucking a person’s blood, from walking in the

grass and sand. They have to be removed when found.

In spite of the romantic setting, the heavenly paradise is also

accompanied by a cesspool of evil characters lurking in the background

that lash out with sudden attacks. These devious residents

don’t fit in with the peaceful surroundings and leave a bad smell

combined with evil eyes placed on a person’s body. Don’t forget

dirty statements leaving the lips and entering the ears of all around.

The human group survives by always begging (give me dis or dat)

joined with a “crab-in-a-barrel” attitude and very envious attitude

projected toward others.

The underground group has no self-worth, education, social

skills, or desire to develop further in life. Their best social skill is

to party any time, drink booze (“get-on-bad”), and engage in sexual

encounters with multiple partners. The low-minded elements

spend time gossiping about each other no matter how minute the

incident/story is. In most cases they build constructed information

(based on false facts) creating total unrest among villagers. The redeveloped

facts become toxic, leaving devastation, impregnating

others with pain. The destructive seeds become external, creating

internal conflict for those talked about.

People’s weapon (mouth) of mass destruction is used against

others, leading to verbal or physical abuse or murder. This later

involves the police and finally the legal system for settlement. Most

of the rebellious villagers are of different ages. The most surprising

is family of the same ethnic group attacking each other. On the

other side, extended members through marriages produce mixed

children. These ugly conspirators’ behaviour in the community is

mostly based on jealous thinking of their enemies whose lifestyles

are better and different.

Other reasons envy can arise:

− Different colour of skin or hair

− Failing to socialize with the group

− Being more educated

− Being gainfully employed

− Receiving money (remit) or barrels from foreigners

− Dressing better and eating at the highest level of the food


− Lastly, any change in life creates conditions for being a target

of repeated verbal abuse from the envious group who

has developed antisocial behaviour toward other villagers.

Mother used to tell us a story.

Some people who work only have a pair of pants and shirt to

wear. After returning home the clothes are washed then left to dry.

After drying they are ironed every day so they can look their best at

work. Workers then attack such persons because they take pride in

their physical appearance. The workers will never know some persons

only have the clothes worn.

The dysfunctional and venomous minds get involved in personal

attacks because they are corrupted. Their lifestyle is filled with

unhealthy acts and practices of promiscuous behaviour not accepted

by the people attacked and discredited. Propaganda acts are accepted

in their world as natural to survive and are executed without

fear or shame. They know the wrongs committed but don’t care.

What is strange is that most of the people offended are their friends/

family who helped them in the past, but interaction has vanished.

The corruption against others in the village has been ongoing

for three and four generations and mostly has to do with ownership

of land. It seems to have festered and become cancerous as time

passes. There is no sign of stopping. It is now continued by the

youths without any attempt of breaking the cycle of repeated physical

and verbal abuse on others over family property. Most of the

women who represent mothers have failed to continue as parents.

They now lack pride in nurturing their young by preparing them

for tomorrow’s world. What is funny is that some men are attracted

to these types of vulgar women and engage in loving relationships.

They have lost all respect from their peers and have also failed as

responsible adults. I should note, women with male children should

treat their male partners who they trust with love and respect. If

they don’t, their sons will not have respect for a woman and will

suffer at the hand of the woman (karma). The cesspool environment

now nurtures lifestyles where mothers (in most cases fathers aren’t

around) and children in the village have the same sexual partners

(women/men of all ages) for money and food. No one cares and no

one respects the other. These families (mothers and children) can

be seen enjoying themselves drinking alcohol in bars around the


The promiscuous habits they see fit for enjoyment intoxicates

their young, giving rise to an increase of

− Rape, incest, orgies, and polygamy leading to abortions (approved

by mothers) and teenage pregnancies (illegitimate

children with unknown fathers)

− Drug use, producing liars, thieves, hate, sexually transmitted

diseases, and suicide

− Continual state of poverty.

Most of these women are victims of verbal and physical abuse.

As a result, they find it hard to be involved in meaningful relationships

with men even if they aren’t from the village. Memories of

past involvement with men have now placed doubt in their minds.

In this state they don’t sleep relaxed and peaceful. If touched, they

jump out of their sleep in a defensive stand, thinking it is an abuse

or any other type of punishment that might be encountered. As it

is said in the Caribbean, they are sleeping with one eye open. The

use of wrong words or phrases can also trigger a defensive response.

It represents information once used against them leading into arguments.

Because of low self-esteem they think it is important to

be informed what their male partner is doing (how sad). The end

result is it has become hard for men who want honest relationships

based on love and not war not to run into trouble getting involved

with these women who are unsure of what it takes to get involved

in long-term friendships.

They now try to protect themselves and in most cases, endure

mood swings that change every minute. In the minds of these women,

men are men and are all doing the same (rounding around with

women). Their thoughts have developed for the practices of men on

a daily basis and cannot be trusted. The daily habits of the men lack

total love, respect, and honour. They also cannot be trusted and will

fail to totally participate in meaningful relations.

− Why do men stay in unhappy relationships filled with abuse

when most can do better?

− Why are some men attracted to women who they abuse?

− Why do they always think she is going to change? A beast is a

beast and will be nothing more.

− Why do women hide the abuse and lie about the bruises and

never get him arrested?

− Why do they refuse therapy and if they do they never continue?

Men become abusive toward women to maintain control over

them in relationships. This kind of man is weak, insecure, and inferior

to the woman’s personality, which becomes a threat. In placing

the woman under control, her power is taken away and suppressed.

During this time, she becomes subservient with the aggressive behaviour

directed toward her. Being so abused, guilty, filled with

fear and shame about the situation, she keeps away from family and

friends and never talks about the abusive relationship. In most cases

the women are not financially and emotionally supported and in

some cases the men are the breadwinners. This makes them fearful

of the future while living in a relationship that is doomed to fail.

Due to the inabilities in the house they become angry and the anger

is transferred to the children as a payback for the man’s abuse.

What is strange to me is that in today’s world, where it is easy to

be educated for betterment in life, these people (women, children,

and men) do not take advantage of it. The envious and dysfunctional

group either does not know or wish to know they can further develop

themselves by returning to school. They can be re-educated and find

gainful employment instead of hating others. They are engulfed in

their misguided thought structure of deplorable lifestyle, which will

eventually bite them. They do not see a better future but continue to

live deplorable lifestyles and refuse to live a more productive life.

The group’s cynical and contaminating lifestyle plagues and influences

the society, which is destructive despite diseases that are

killing people. Living without moral principles and engaging in

multiple sexual partners by using their bodies for small amounts

of monies keeps them in the same state of mind. Driving on their

destructive highway of life, it is possible the mothers have forgotten

what self-respect is or were never taught as children. Do they

not know, if a child is not given the experience of a meaningful

existence in this world of repeated suppression, that child will fail?

The child will not develop a secure base knowledge of self and will

manifest behaviours which will not be accepted by society. That

child will exhibit anger and revengeful behaviours such as attention seeking

behaviour, insecurity and antisocial traits, violence, lying

and bragging, selfishness, etc. The behaviour will be directed toward

authority and weak figures.

− What has caused people to make such radical changes especially

in terms of personal attacks on others?

− Was it always like this when I was growing up, a world with

no love for others? No respect or being helpful toward other human


It is surprising when religious people react in non-Christian

ways toward other human beings. We are all human beings affected

by different negative influences that attack each of us. But there are

religious people who proclaim to believe in their doctrine of “love

thy neighbour as thy self” and react toward others in an ungodly


− Should people then worry when those who are not religious react

the way they do?

The answer might be, the only person one can trust is oneself.

The religious people have either refused, forgotten, or were never

taught Christian traits and project toward its members they must

fear and believe in one God. The masses are directed by the hierarchy

of the church and must believe and keep up their religious

principles/laws that are the teachings of Christianity:

Thou shall have no other Gods but me/before me.

Thou shall not make unto thee any graven images.

Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Honour thy father and mother.

Thou shall not kill.

Thou shall not commit adultery.

Thou shall not steal.

Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

Thou shall not covert thy neighbour’s house.

Sayings heard (from parents) as a child in the Caribbean not

heard today. If you…

− Give freely, you will receive in return (from unknown


− Cannot make a good remark about another person it is better

to remain silent.

− Be happy, you will be faithful hopeful and loving under the

daily trials and tribulations that enter your space.

− Believe in God (who does not promote hate, evil, or temptation),

you will receive the rewards of a better life as promised.

God promotes love, peace, unity, and eternal life.

− Accept failure, then failure will be a part of your life, but if

you are exposed to being successful, you will succeed.

− Are self-reliant, positive, and optimistic and undertake

working with the assurances of success, you draw the creative

powers of the universe, expect the best, and never

think about the worst.

− Reject negative thoughts that the worst can happen, they


− Avoid entertaining concepts of the worst, it will not grow

there. Take the best in and it is enough. Also believe you

have the stamina to meet obstacles and struggle to overcome


− Get involved in any situation for the first time, always

think about the worst-case scenario and a way to get out.

Lastly, always respect elders (within the family or those on

the streets) and that respect will be returned. Today the behaviour

has shifted, leaving a lack of respect on both sides

(elders/young people).

− Could it be fear created through the teachings of Eurocentric

thoughts, which deal with greed, power, control, and war

but lack human love and respect?

We are caught up in a world stagnated with individualism practices

corrupting the cultures of the new world (no one cares for or

respects the other). Being courteous to others has taken a backseat

and is not practiced every day in North America. When expressed

the results are amazing. Women don’t know how to respond when

a man opens a door for them. Other deeds that create negative responses

(fear) in women today:

− Please.

− Thank you.

− Excuse me.

− Sorry.

− Can I help you?

− How are you doing?

− Good morning.

− Have a nice day.


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