• Have no food to eat so-need money
  • I am not at home and have to get food and

Need money

  • Children have no school clothes-need money
  • Not in good health and have to see the doctor

Have to pay for the visit and buy medications

And need money

  • One of my children broke another student dish

Need money to buy it back

  • Son involved in a car accident and the other driver

needs money so it would not go to court

  • Need money to buy gas for the stove so we can eat
  • Running in the yard and broke my leg and have to

go to the hospital-need money

  • Borrowed money and have to repay it-need money
  • Bought a fridge and the store wants me to pay it off

Need money

  • The skin cream sent in the barrel has bleached the clothes

And spoiled the food-need money to buy

  • The oil in the barrel open-up and spoil the food

Need money

  • Bought curtains from a friend and have to pay for it

Needs money

  • The money sent last week was low so you have to
  • Send more this week

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