2017 “THANK YOU.”


Existing in this world because of you

Experienced first love by your loving heart

Care and love from conception in the womb

Developed knowledge through your thoughts

Your protected hands helped in the first step

Learnt to talk listening to your spoken expressions


Your positive inter actions with others was learnt

Represent who you made and wouldn’t forget it

Early day spent with you will always be treasured

Separated from your love has created lack of trust

Lack of trust in people encountered in daily life

Lack of trust continued in life after being exposed

To training in the semi-military services forces


Returning years later as a confused child to you

Later returned as a confused child at that age

Returning was an experience filled of changes

Changes in the foods I had to eat and not liked

Changes in the interacting with a larger family

Changes in trying to re-learn your first training


Your loving training that was forgotten over time

The one developed in early days in your home

The other one accepted under your mother’s care

Which was to be maintained on returning home?

Now left with two value systems in this world

One exposed to under your loving protected care


The other you were taught by your loving mother

Maintained both on returning to your loving care

Remained without an answer and will never get one

You have left this world and cannot explain which one

Funny, you never enjoyed the time your parents left

Left you and brother with family to live in the U S A


Your son and daughter encountered the same faith

Then you didn’t when your husband left on a trip

You didn’t go with him on vacation but stayed

You didn’t leave your children in the care of other

With close family to take care of them as yours did

Was it a lesson in separation and togetherness?

Leyton FRANKLIN B F A Hon’s


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