A different world with different people and thoughts.

Some have become introvert from the stress of the daily life.

Stress of want and trying to be like others is the breaking point in our lives.

Not seeing much by  families and blaming work and time.

In ‘showing-up’ to family gathering do not stay long.

Living away and remain separated from the rest.

Do not talk or ‘open-up’ on the phone.

No ones cares nor takes time to see the other person’s want.

In hot search for a new spiritual savour.

What ever spiritual factor ‘taken-on’ is beyond our knowledge and understanding.

We are in deep and cause most of us to ‘take-on’ the face of a strange human being.

Becoming stranger thinking about self.


Looking outwards to various other attractions but the answers are always ‘with-in.’

The first is self-love and without love of self we cannot share love.

Minds (most of us) corrupted by WANTS, YOU ARE MINE and BUY! BUY! BUY!

Past friend and family are no more.

They are gone and unreachable.

See it in family and cannot understand

  • Children from the same parents
  • Same training
  • Eat at the same table
  • Slept in the same bed
  • Became so separated in North America and do not help each other.

I hope humans can sit and have a talk and become a family again on the earth so unity can be achieved.

Remember most of us believe our NEW FOUND BELIEF is the best be it in the CHURCH, UNIVERSITY, LODGES or SELF-THOUGHT.

We should learn, it is great to agree to ‘disagree’ in our daily life because we cannot see ‘eye to eye.’

We are now hating ourselves and the other human that look like us.

When your own people do not like or trust you it is like being murdered alive.

In the Caribbean we solved our home problems in the home but in North America we get the law involved.

They do not understand our culture and will never because they are not trained to.

They are trained to KILL, protect and maintain order for their rulers.
Sorry but the information just flowed.
Guidance and respect.
Keep the faith.

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